Five Powerful Ideas For Using Facebook For Events

There are many reasons people participate in the world’s largest social network. Some to understand what’s happening amongst their circle of friends, others to play games. As far as events are concerned, there are over 3 million events created each month. Three million events. These of course range from meeting for drinks at the local pub, to birthday parties, concerts and full-scale trade shows.

With so much activity going on, how can event marketers possibly be successful on the Facebook platform? The answers are simple, but implementation and successful engagement can be quite complex. Here are five powerful ideas to help you build your presence.

Evaluating Event Sponsorships? Consider This…

Event producers have one job. Sell everything they can think of to make as much money as possible. Some of these things will be valuable to your company and brand, and some will not.

Your job is also to make money, but spend as little money along the way as possible to accomplish your business objectives. This sometimes leads to a misalignment of the value chain to demand.

It’s easy to grab platinum, gold, silver, bronze or a la carte sponsorships off the shelf. However, it’s always better to negotiate for those opportunities that provide the greatest value to your audiences and your brand. Before you go gunning for gold or break out that purchase order, here are some things you should consider to ensure sponsorship success.

8 Tips for Surviving the Social Media Treasure Hunt

At the end of the day for marketers, Social Media is a channel. Granted, its a complex channel with multiple communications streams, both synchronous and asynchronous. It can also be used at many stages in the sales and marketing cycle.

Social Media is the next big thing, but we must be disciplined in our approach toward using it as a marketing tool or we will fail, publicly.

Here are some tips that will help you navigate these sometimes murky waters.