Portfolio Planning: 10 Tips for Creating The Right Mix

Autumn is here. For many companies, this means planning is in high season. We’re all working diligently on trying to figure out the right number, frequency, type and cadence of events to include in our portfolio to drive relationships, sales and ROI.

Here are 10 thoughts on how you can create an effective and efficient event portfolio plan.

Evaluating Event Sponsorships? Consider This…

Event producers have one job. Sell everything they can think of to make as much money as possible. Some of these things will be valuable to your company and brand, and some will not.

Your job is also to make money, but spend as little money along the way as possible to accomplish your business objectives. This sometimes leads to a misalignment of the value chain to demand.

It’s easy to grab platinum, gold, silver, bronze or a la carte sponsorships off the shelf. However, it’s always better to negotiate for those opportunities that provide the greatest value to your audiences and your brand. Before you go gunning for gold or break out that purchase order, here are some things you should consider to ensure sponsorship success.

Eight Common Event Marketing Mistakes

“What are the most common mistakes companies make when planning an event?” After working with several companies both large and small on their experiential marketing programs, there are several that come to mind. Here are my thoughts on how you can avoid these common mistakes and ensure your event is the best it can be.