12 Twitter Tools Every Event Marketer Should Know About

Despite all the buzz, Twitter is still a relatively untapped resource on the social media landscape. As such, we’ve only begun to understand how we can best use it as marketers, and have just scratched the surface of its application as a complement to event and experiential marketing.

One way to advance the conversation around using Twitter for event and experiential marketing is to leverage third-party applications. There are literally hundreds of Twitter applications available. I’ve spent some time reviewing some of the more interesting applications which can complement your events beyond creating buzz.

When Events Attack: Managing Communications in a Crisis

Imagine an outbreak of Norovirus on a cruise ship during an event, a branded archway collapsing on a crowd at a tradeshow, a bomb threat, or a fire at your hotel during a conference. Anywhere there is a gathering of people there is potential for something to go wrong. Having the right plan in place and acting appropriately can help ensure public safety, as well as ensure your brand survives when events attack.