Owning the Show: The Art Of Building Share Of Voice

Locked in every tradeshow is a number. Someplace deep inside event demographics, and underneath all the hype and buzz of exhibitors, speakers and attendees you will find it. The number of people you really want to talk to. These are your targets – people who have a high propensity to become your customers.

Each and every tactic and investment at every event should be scrutinized and prioritized to ensure it is the best tool to accomplish your business objectives with your targeted audiences.

Event marketers don’t have to have the largest budget, the biggest booth or the most impressive sign to win. They just need to be strategic in their approach and apply intelligence to their process. Here are some ideas that can help you own the show without breaking the bank.

13 Ways Linkedin Supports Event Marketing

Linkedin is an amazing tool. Being “Linked In” means different things to different people. For some its an address book that gets updated when people move, for others its a trust-based network. Here are some quick ideas on how you can use Linkedin to support your event marketing efforts!

Digital + Exhibit Marketing Insights Part 3: Budget, Measurement & ROI

Recently, I had the opportunity to present the findings of the Digital + Exhibit Marketing Insights study conducted by The Center for Exhibition Industry Research and the Exhibition Research Foundation in partnership with George P. Johnson at TS2 in Chicago.

This study surveyed 287 Corporate Brand and Exhibition Management senior-level professionals and was designed to build understanding around how respondents are currently integrating digital marketing into their event programs.

There were several interesting findings in the report. Through this and other posts, I’ll share these findings, what they mean and what you can do about them.