Google Wave: The Future of Event Engagement?

Google Wave has the potential to change the communications paradigm for both face-to-face and virtual event marketing.

Digital + Exhibit Marketing Insights Part 2: Virtual Media

Recently, I had the opportunity to present the findings of the Digital + Exhibit Marketing Insights study conducted by The Center for Exhibition Industry Research and the Exhibition Research Foundation in partnership with George P. Johnson at TS2 in Chicago.

This study surveyed 287 Corporate Brand and Exhibition Management senior-level professionals and was designed to build understanding around how respondents are currently integrating digital marketing into their event programs.

There were several interesting findings in the report. Through this and other posts, I’ll share these findings, what they mean and what you can do about them.

Six things to consider on the way to the New World

As marketers, its important we make a plan before we charge into any tactic, virtual or not. Without a thoughtful strategy, we increase our risk of exposure and the chances of missing ROI objectives. Today I’ll discuss a few things to think about as you consider adding Virtual Events into your marketing mix…