Five Powerful Ideas For Using Facebook For Events

There are many reasons people participate in the world’s largest social network. Some to understand what’s happening amongst their circle of friends, others to play games. As far as events are concerned, there are over 3 million events created each month. Three million events. These of course range from meeting for drinks at the local pub, to birthday parties, concerts and full-scale trade shows.

With so much activity going on, how can event marketers possibly be successful on the Facebook platform? The answers are simple, but implementation and successful engagement can be quite complex. Here are five powerful ideas to help you build your presence.

13 Ways Linkedin Supports Event Marketing

Linkedin is an amazing tool. Being “Linked In” means different things to different people. For some its an address book that gets updated when people move, for others its a trust-based network. Here are some quick ideas on how you can use Linkedin to support your event marketing efforts!